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Thunder 3 pcie ssd deliver the goods within two week. It is extremely fast, but like all ssd drives, with very limited storage capacity. Anyone have any idea why i am not able to install macos catalina onto this pegasus2 m4. Promise pegasus2 m4 4tb 4 x 1tb sata raid system with 2. Buy promise pegasus2 thunderbolt2 m4 f40pr4m0000 4tb 4bay 2. Mediagrid is an ideal fit for digital media applications requiring shared, realtime storage, such as ingest, playout, archive, editinplace, collaborative editing, transcoding and overthetop ott adaptive bitrate streaming. Ssd drives are compatible only with pegasus2 m4 units. Product title 4tb pegasus2 r series sata 7200rpm with drive. The new, small form factor pegasus2 m4 offers a perfect combination of portability, capacity, performance, and cost.

The samsung 850 has been replaced with the newer samsung 860 evo drives. Promise pegasus2 r series 4bay with 4x 2tb sata hdd high performance hardware raid solutions featuring thunderbolt2 technology. We ran hd tach on one of the 1tb 5,400rpm toshiba drives as hd. Buy the promise pegasus2 m4 hard drive array 2 tb 4 at a super low price. The promise pegasus2 m4 raid is a tremendous performer. The pegasus2 m4 stores up to 2tb of data and consists of four 500gb ssd drives. Crucial m4 msata ssd firmware 07mh driver techspot. How to upgrade the firmware of your ssd on windows 10.

That combo shows much better savings vs 4 1tb ssd s. Jan 14, 20 i want to put my photosvideos on an external ssd. Product title pegasus2 m4 ssd 4tb raid tb2 hw raid solution with 1. This video clip demonstrating how the pegasus2 r4 lights behave with a single failed drive. Since my only thunderboltenabled system is windows based, our look at the software is limited to the windows. Promise has an ssd version of the m4 with way better performance than what. You may return any new computer purchased from that is dead on arrival, arrives in damaged condition, or is still in unopened boxes, for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Mar 27, 20 the m4 is updatable to this new firmware starting from any previous version in a single step. The promise pegasus2 m4 is a small and light thunderbolt 2 raid storage system that you can take anywhere to work on your complex multimedia projects. View and download promise technology pegasus 2 r4 installation manual online.

Mini pegasus2 is a 4bay raid 56 storage solution featuring 2. Promise pegasus2 m4 4 x hdd supported 4 x ssd supported 4 x ssd installed 2 tb installed ssd capacity 4 x total bays thunderbolt 2 0 1 5 6 10 raid levels external hw raid solution with 1m tb2 cablepegasus2 m4 ssd 4tb raid tb2 hw raid solution with 1m tb2 cable. The arecasupplied sas raid driver arcmsr recognizes the arc8050t2 thunderbolt 2 raid connected to my macmini6,2 running esxi 5. It looks and fits perfect next to your mac on a desktop and tucks neatly into your bag to take your data on the road. Promise technology 2tb pegasus2 m4 thunderbolt 2 raid. Intel at nab 2014 4k video drives thunderbolt 2 everywhere. Lets start with single drive performance to get the baseline level of performance so we have an idea of what to expect from a 4 drive array. Furthermore, you can use the pod with another system by connecting it externally via the included 19. The p2m4hd4us 4tb pegasus 2 raid desktop storage enclosure from promise technologyfeatures dual thunderbolt 2 ports each capable of transferring data at speeds of up to 20 gbs, and with two of t.

My assumptions is that an external ssd, connected via thunderbolt will be much faster than the internal fusion drive, especially if the external ssds are set up in raid 0. The m4 is designed for portability and, when equipped with ssd drives, serious performance. Hotplugging devices on the thunderbolt bus reliably psods the server, but otherwise, ive been using in my home lab for over a month without incident. This unit includes 4x 1tb hard drives and 1x 1m thunderbolt cable. Crystal disk info helps you to monitor solid state hard disks health status and temperature. Its compact and whisperquiet, so it fits into any environment. Pegasus2 maximizes the available line rate of thunderbolt 2, enabling video creators to transfer and display 4k video files simultaneously. This combination makes it an essential tool for media professionals needing mobility along with speed, capacity and protection for their. Promise technology pegasus2 m4 4tb 4bay storage array. Its a twobay raid system that has a third modular bay.

Pegasus2 m4 is compact, light and quiet yet with lots of capacity and thunderbolt 2 speed. The pegasus2 r6 we received has six 7200rpm hard drives with. Does anyone have any experiance in making windows 7 x64 boot from the m. Typically multibay external storage devices tend to utilize 3.

Lets start with singledrive performance to get the baseline level of performance so we have an idea of what to expect from a 4drive array. While there are arguably cheaper and larger external 3. A screaming fast external storage solution for your thunderbolt 3 computer. Buy promise pegasus2 thunderbolt2 m4 f40pr4m04000000 1tb 2.

However, the samsung 860 is not in the m4s compatibility list. Buy promise f40pr4m0000 pegasus2 thunderbolt2 m4 4tb 4. Here is the list of best windows and mac free tools to check ssd health and monitor performance. Trim feature in windows 7 does not benefit to pegasus2 m4 because it is recognized as sas device by operating system. Vendor drive family model capacity firmware transferrate form factor sata ssd 1 toshiba mq01abdxxx mq01abd100 1tb ax001a 3gbs 2. External hard drives free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Promise technology pegasus2 m4 p2m4hd4us 4tb 4000gb directattached storage thunderbolt2 raid storage array brand new. Any user that does not require portability will be better served by the r4, which is a similar 4bay thunderbolt 2 device. In order to find the exact problem, please follow the below steps and send us the service report open promise utility click subsystem information icon on the top of the window. When it comes to storage solutions, having the right product to fit your specific usage needs is paramount to success. Promise technology storage solutions for it, cloud.

Jan 30, 2012 promise pegasus r6r4 on windows bootcamp solved. Furthermore, you can use the pod with another system by connecting it externally via. The pegasus2 series with thunderbolt 2 technology delivers blistering. Sporting two thunderbolt 2 ports, it can store up to 4 tb using standard hard drives, or 2 tb using ssd drives. Vst nz ltd, 1997 channel focused, local and expert knowledge in data storage and support. I was also looking at the pegasus2 m4 ssd raid from promise technology owc is on the right. Im trying to install my image and use acronis universal restore, but it cant find a storage driver from what i could extract from the oem install. At the 2014 ces show, the lacie little big disk featuring thunderbolt 2 was announced, and is now shipping. Promise pegasus2 r4 diskless overview and full product specs on cnet. Hi, thank you for posting your query on microsoft community. I got the lacie little big disk 512 ssd thunderbolt. Did this three times and to and from an ssd drive, id say it did pretty well.

The intel ssd 750 series is intels first pcie gen3 x4 ssd developed for the client enthusiast and workstation markets. Ssd drives are not compatible with pegasus2 r4 units. Summary of contents for promise technology pegasus 2 r4. Promise technology online selling apollo cloud etc. Cnet editor dong ngo ballparks the cost of happiness with the superfast pegasus2 storage device from promise. Pegasus2 m4 builds on the pegasus2, the worlds first thunderbolt 2 hardware raid storage solution, by delivering performance and capacity in a new, portable form factor with four 1tb 2. I tried the installation by running the macos installer from the internal ssd, as well as creating a usb macos install disk. Thats why a unit like the promise technology 2tb pegasus2 m4 thunderbolt 2 raid storage array might be the storage solution you need for highend jobs. Do not use any other m4 firmware update for your m4 msata ssd such as the 040h firmware for the 2. The m4 is a more typical setup albeit in a very small, almost portable, setup. It comes with either 4 x 1tb laptop spinning drives or 4 x 500gb ssd drives. It features dual thunderbolt 2 ports for speedy delivery of data, and four hotswappable drive bays, and although pre. Pegasus 2 r8 32gb not visible in promise utility after change of mac pro 20 ssd pegasus2.

Nand flash memory within crucial ssds allows you to boot up in seconds and load, save, and transfer files almost as soon as you click on them. It is clear that the pegasus2 m4 is a niche product. Best portable hard drives for video, audio, and photo needs. Apr 07, 2014 promise technologies announced a new thunderbolt 2 portable storage solution, the pegasus2 m4, which provides a highly portable 2. News posts matching promise technology techpowerup. Using the included promise utility, the system can be configured as raid 0, 1, 5, 6, or 10. The whining of the fan drove me crazy so i returned it. In this third bay, which promise call a pod, you can either have a hard drive, a ssd connector for plugging in ssd drives, or a card reader pod with cf and sd card readers.

Promise pegasus2 m4 1tb 4x256gb ssd sequential performance. The premier storage choice for creative audiovideo professionals and multimedia enthusiasts around the globe, the promise pegasus2 now can deliver even faster performance with the new 20 gbs thunderbolt 2 technology, while assuring enterpriseclass reliability and ease of use. Then create a new disk array, and then a new logical drive configured in any raid mode you want. Same next day delivery worldwide free business quotes. When the m4 voumes mount, i can see the target catalina volume has a folder written called macos install data. The drives can be formatted raid 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10 to. Its perfect for editors or dits that want a small footprint and easy transportation, all the while enjoying blazing speeds that youd normally need a far bigger raid to achieve. Pegasus2 m4 ssd does not get benefit of trim feature because windows 7 only support trim feature for sata devices. Promise pegasus2 m4 hard drive array sign in to comment. In combination with the lightning fast thunderbolt 3 interface, the akitio thunder3 pcie ssd is able to deliver over 2000 mbs of read speeds. Buy the promise pegasus2 m4 2tb 4 x 500g ssd thunderbolt. The old samsung 850 evo drives are in the pegasus2 m4s compatibility list.

Luckily, promise has products ranging from easy to use consumerbased storage devices to battletested enterprise class solutions. Promise pegasus r6r4 on windows bootcamp solved posted on january 30. Promise technologies announced a new thunderbolt 2 portable storage solution, the pegasus2 m4, which provides a highly portable 2. There wasnt a huge difference in our file and folders tests. If speed, light weight and ruggedness are more important to you than storage capacity, the pegasus2 m4 needs to be on your short list of drives to consider. Is there any reason to believe there will be any trouble using the 860 with the m4. The promise pegasus2 series with thunderbolt 2 technology delivers blistering performance to professionals creating rich, ultrahigh resolution media. Owc thunderbay 4 raid ready 4tb 4 drive ssd storage solution 5. The pegasus2 m4 is a mini 4bay raid storage solution featuring 2. Actual storage capacity will differ according to the raid configuration.

You can use this tool to check your ssd and other hard disk types. Heres how you can and should upgrade the firmware on it. Six hard drives, thunderbolt 2, and a lot of speed. Pegasus2 m4 power cut then all four drives dead pegasus2. Final words promise pegasus2 m4 4x1tb thunderbolt 2. My promise pegasus2 m4 is eating up the toshiba disk drive mq01abd100 drive very often, one every 6 months. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read.

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