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The shunt reactor shr1 is modelled as a nonlinear inductance with a high knee point linear up to 1. The shunt reactor is installed in a threephase system as either a threephase shunt reactor or three singlephase shunt reactors. Compared with the magnetic valve type controlled shunt reactor, the transformer type controlled shunt reactor is superior in its smaller harmonic current, faster respond speed and less power loss. A shunt reactor is an absorber of reactive power, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the system. The reactors x consume the generated reactive power q from the. Abstractshunt reactors are installed to offset the capacitive effect of transmission lines and therefore improve the voltage profiles of transmission lines. Pdf viewed in the substation yard, an hv, oil immersed, shunt reactor does not differ much from a power. Pdf the uncontrolled energizing of shunt reactors is accompanied by appearance of a significant dccomponent in current, leading to. Viewed in the substation yard, an hv, oil immersed, shunt reactor does not differ much from a power transformer, but in reality it is not that simple. Design of 25 mva shunt reactor for 230 kv transmission line.

Type tests of shunt reactor the following tests are essentially performed on a shunt reactor as type tests measurement of. Improving angle stability by switching shunt reactors in. High voltage shunt reactor trench group pdf catalogs. Circuit breakers tend to create significant stress on the shunt reactor when opening. Shunt reactor is same as power transformer but it has only one winding per phase as compared to power transformer. In principle, it is the same story as inrush current.

Circuit breakers have no difficulty interrupting the current, typically a few hundred amperes at high voltages. Aleksandrova and others published a development of shunt reactor controlled energizing theory find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. In a high voltage star connected shunt reactor the zero sequence reactance is dependent on the core arrangement. The variable shunt reactor vsr can be used for the following.

Current is actually forced to zero prior to the natural. Impacts of shunt reactors on transmission line protection. Shunt reactors trench is a supplier of specialized electrical products and a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of dry type air core reactors. Shunt reactor and shunt capacitor compensate the effect of capacitive inductive currents shunt capacitors raise the system voltage shunt reactors lower the bus voltage during light load periods, shunt reactors are used to control the system voltage during heavy load periods, shunt capacitors are. As per is 5553 the tests performed on an ehv or uhv shunt reactor can be categorized in three different groups. The validity of the recommended equivalent circuits is verified by finite element analysis and laboratory tests. Shunt capacitor banks design, application and protection.

They limit the number of times the reactor can be deenergized without failure. Generally, singlephase shunt reactors are favored over threephase shunt reactors due to cost benefits and transport restrictions. Shunt reactor function, calculation, and compensation. A special purpose shunt reactor switch is a superior solution. A shunt reactor is a piece of electrical equipment used in high voltage power transmission systems to stabilize the voltage during load variations.

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